Five Speculated Features to Expect in (Minecraft 1.20 update).

“Five Speculated Features to Expect in (Minecraft 1.20 update).”

Mojang will announce Minecraft 1.20 on October 15. After The Wild Update, gamers want fresh content. The community is already speculating about the sandbox game’s next significant upgrade.

The previous two years were Minecraft’s largest, with Caves and Cliffs and The Wild Update. Fans saw several features canceled or postponed because they weren’t ready.These features might return in a future version.

  • 5) Bundles.
  • 4) Spectator mode in Bedrock Edition.
  • 3) New main menu UI in Bedrock Edition.
  • 2) Archeology features.
  • 1) An updated desert biome.

5) Bundles.


Caves and Cliffs bundles are unpublished products. Later, Mojang devs experienced trouble perfecting the item’s gameplay. The Wild Update was nearly ready but had touch problems, a coder revealed.

Since it’s already in the Java Edition, this item will presumably be in the next version. Players may utilize the item with commands.

4) Spectator mode in Bedrock Edition.

Spectator mode in Bedrock Edition.

Bedrock Edition gamers have lacked a spectator feature for years. Mojang introduced the mode to Bedrock Edition with The Wild Update.This indicates the future version may have spectator mode.

Players may fly over walls in spectator mode. This is great for gamers who just want to explore a game’s universe.

3) New main menu UI in Bedrock Edition.

New main menu UI in Bedrock Edition

Mojang tried a Bedrock-only feature in The Wild Version; it may appear in a future version.. The business was updating Bedrock Edition’s primary menu UI, according to prior reports.

Most design languages are the same, so it won’t appear dramatic. 1.20 may modify UI setting.

2) Archeology features.

Archeology features

Mojang also announced a new archeological dig location for the Caves and Cliffs upgrade. Both upgrades lacked this functionality. Mojang had to work on it, rendering it inaccessible to gamers.

Since Mojang has had time to solve difficulties and refine the functionality, players will likely see acheology in the next version.

1) An updated desert biome.

An updated desert biome.

In recent years, Mojang has added permanent features that were previously voted on for upgrades. Frogs, Boats with chests, and others were introduced permanently after losing in prior votes.

Since the desert biome featured in a previous update’s voting mechanism, many believe Mojang may improve it. Mojang may surprise the community with a desert biome, albeit it’s not definite.

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