Pokemon Go Glitch: Makes ‘Jynx’ Even Scarier.

“Pokemon Go Glitch: Makes ‘Jynx’ Even Scarier.”

A malfunction in Pokemon Go has made Jynx one of the most scary Pokemon animals.

Some Pokemon in the now 1,000-strong Pokedex are unpopular among fans. Some Pokemon are poorly designed or described in the dex.

Mr. Mime and Jynx are two frightening Gen 1 Pokemon. Jynx has her own baggage, unlike Mr. Mime, the closest Pokemon to a human.

Many western gamers rejected the Pokemon’s black face and exaggerated attributes because they fostered racism. Its design became purple.

Pokemon Go Glitch.
Pokemon Go Glitch: Makes ‘Jynx’ Even Scarier.

Pokemon Go glitch scares Jynx.

These adjustments didn’t help Jynx’s popularity. Her scary eyes, huge mouth, and emphasized features have scared off trainers despite her usefulness.

A Reddit user identified a flaw that made Human Shape Pokemon scarier. What’s up with this Jynx? said FriskySasquatch.

Visual mistake turned the Jynx’s body milky blue, as shown below. Only purple windows surrounding the Pokemon’s eyes remained.

Commenters discussed Jynx’s new look. Another user termed her a “sleep paralysis devil”

Other trainers mocked the glitch. Murder-Wave: “She got Mukked.” “This seems worse than the original jinx,” said RedSoulHeart.

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