Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule for (September 2022) Date, Time & Bonus and More.

“Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule for (September 2022) Date, Time & Bonus and More.”

Niantic announced September 2022 Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours. Ralts, Aron, and Minccino are all getting buffs.

Niantic sponsors a weekly Pokemon Go event called Spotlight Hour. Each week, a particular Pokemon gets higher spawn rates and a twofold bonus.

Trainers will have one hour to collect as many of that species as possible to fill their Pokedex and earn enough Candy to evolve and power up that Pokemon.

On September 18, Roggenrola hosted a Community Day. These events allow Trainers to capture, evolve, and fight with the community.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule
Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule for (September 2022) Date, Time & Bonus and More.

September 2022 Spotlight Hour Date and time.

Niantic’s next Spotlight Hour will be Aron on September 20, 2022.

6PM-7PM local time will see more Pokemon in the wild. You may participate and watch it from anywhere around the globe.

The event benefits also include Double Catch Candy.

Is there a Shiny Aron in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Aron is accessible in Pokemon Go, which implies Lairon and Aggron may also be Shiny.

September 2022 Spotlight Hour schedule.

Shiny and Spotlight Hour Spawn Rates.

During these events, the spawn rate of each Spotlight Hour Pokemon is enhanced for 60 minutes, giving you lots of chances to capture them, particularly using Incense and Lures.

Shiny spawn rates are also increased. Many trainers utilize Spotlight Hours to complete their Shiny collection.

This is particularly helpful now that Niantic has included Shiny, Lucky, Event, and other Pokedex categories.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours for September 2022 are over. Check back later this month for weekly Pokemon and event bonuses.

Pokemon Go Aron Spotlight Hour tips.

Spotlight Hours only last 60 minutes, so you may plan to avoid wasting time:

  • Make sure you have enough Poke Balls to catch multiple Spotlight Hour Pokemon.
  • Make sure you have enough Berries to get double Candy or make catching easier.
  • Clear out your Pokemon Storage Box to make room for all the Pokemon you’ll catch.
  • Save up your PokeCoins and purchase an Incense for the event.

Spotlight Hours are a great time to utilize Lucky Eggs or Star Pieces to boost your XP.

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