Terrible lag for past 3 days: GO Battle League server problem or worse?

“Terrible lag for past 3 days: GO Battle League server problem or worse?”

Pokemon GO’s entertaining, participatory gameplay has resonated with casual and hardcore players. This is because of Battle League.

In this phase, participants fight with three Pokemon (as long as they follow the format of the tier they are participating in). Great, Ultra, and Master are available. The sole restriction is Pokemon’s battle capability.

Pokemon GO gamers have recently gone to social media to report server troubles. Many players experience lagging during competitive battles, which may be damaging since rankings and incentives are dependent on performance.

Redditor u/Matty8520 wrote on The Silph Road subreddit about a recurring issue while playing competitive bouts. This user described frozen fights that led to a losing streak.

Pokemon GO people commented on this article saying they had a similar issue. Matty8520 responded to players’ criticisms by saying the Battle League has been laggy for three years but had grown worse lately.

Matty8520 felt this was a server-wide problem after hearing from other players. Players have complained about Pokemon GO’s issues.

With the introduction of Mega Aggron, players observed a problem where berries would be eaten while feeding the beast, but it wouldn’t eat or benefit. Adventure Sync problems are common.

Niantic has recognized other flaws and seems to be reacting to community complaints. This might lead to a big bug-fixing update soon. This hypothetical upgrade may be released in three days at EGX.

Niantic is working on a remedy for the Mega Aggron bug, which may result in a free gift box once the repair is live. After installing the next update, players should check the shop.

Niantic hasn’t acknowledged server difficulties. Players must endure the slowness until the next Pokemon GO update.

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